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Clear sealed 10 mL glass vial.


ULTRA SPEC sterile depyrogenated vials are assembled with Teflon coated non-latex chlorobutyl rubber stoppers (conforming with USP<381>) and vials made of SCHOTT FIOLAX® glass tubing (conforming to USP<660>).  All vials are assembled in a cGMP environment and are carried out under strict Class 100 regulations.  All lots of vials are tested for Sterility (USP<71>), Bacterial Endotoxins (USP<85>), and Particulates (USP <788>).  


Due to its low alkali content,  SCHOTT FIOLAX® is a premium neutral glass tubing of the first hydrolytic class.  Thanks to it's superior hydrolytic resistance,  the risk of glass delamination is significantly reduced and interaction between the contained product and container surface are at a bare minimum, thereby providing a superior packaging solution for sensitive ingredients. This special glass has outstanding chemical resistance, neutrality, impermeability, and strength. Apart from being a perfect neutral glass container for injectable solutions, SCHOTT FIOLAX® also makes a particularly safe packaging medium for biotechnological products.  All SCHOTT® vials have tight geometric tolerances and low cosmetic defect levels due to 100% camera inspection of dimensional parameters and critical cosmetic defects.  All SCHOTT® Vials are manufactured and packed in environmentally controlled areas certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 15378.  As a Type I glass (neutral glass Type I Class B, as per ASTM E438 standard) it meets all pharmacopeia requirements in Europe, the USA and Japan.